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Very nice movie. Trying to build trust again after being cheated on is never easy to do. Being cheated on makes you paranoid. If the one who cheated still wants the relationship to work, he/she should work extra hard because it won't be easy. He/She has a huge price to pay to try to repair the broken trust.. song 0:10 ?

Louise I love your acting and Xian too 😍😍😍


Ang ganda nakakaiyak 😥😍 this movie would nice kerida2 na naman? wala na bang magawa ang star cinema? kun d infidelity kq baklaan. haaay nko. Saan p.o. ba my full movie magwatch plssssss

Watch, Los, Reyes, full? movie, download & in & hindi... dubbed

👏👏👏wow..looks like an intriguing movie..trailer pa lang dami ng hugot! Congrats to the whole cast esp.Xian louise and direkbona..And the OST..napakaganda rin!!😍😍I wish magkaroon din sina Xian and Kim ng ganitong klaseng movie💋❤💕💞Goodluck to HK and all your mall tours!!🙏🙏🙏👍👏👏. men cheat because it's in their nature. they are made to reproduce. This is enticing, huh. Angelica P. proves again that she still has it!


Maybe he cheated on you because you weren't good as a wife OUCH... 💔


Congrats xian Vienes aquí por el rincón del parche :v nieguenmelo Toda Mi Vida En esta película , y precisamente la veo hoy , que me sentía igual al chico ese , toda mi vida en esta película , vaya wow todo me dejo el pelo largo uso de esos shorts e igual que a él las Zapatillas All- Starz, y El bigote , Toda mi vida en la película aplausos al Director y creador. hasta lo de la chica me paso Vaya Woow!. Los - Reyes & trailer. download Buenísima película, ufff, y no hablemos del Soundtrack.



I love this trailer very much. Going to wait very patiently till I get to see the film here in Pakistan, or somewhere else in the world. joe me gusta😍 Que mierda de pelicula como se atrevieron a dejar a keli con patrik Esto si que es un disparate Patrick y kelly Merecen Morir 🔫🔪 es encerio 😒

Another Good Story of Star Cinema...😊👏👏👏






  • 1000 / 1000